Website Process

The process begins with the domain name.

Many business owners have purchased them and aren’t sure what to do next.  Others want to make sure their domain name is optimized for searches and wait to get help.  The domain can be purchased from a hosting company.

Choosing a hosting company:

I have had experience with many companies that host and provide server space, a few of these are; Bluehost, GoDaddy, Host Gator, Dream Host and  1and1.  The hosting company will provide the servers for your website as well as a dashboard into all that your account entails.  From here it is possible to set up an ftp account.

Setting Up a hosting and ftp Account:

It is important to order a hosting package with your domain package.  Sometimes a free hosting package is available with a domain.  On the occasion that it isn’t, look for a cpanel package to host your website.  As far as an ftp account, this can be set-up with the cpanel hosting package.  Setting it up can vary from hosting provider to hosting provider, many times on the dashboard there is an indication of how to access the ftp, and from there it is usually pretty easy to tell how to set-up a user account.  GoDaddy uses the IP address of the hosting account rather than the the domain, others use subdomains off the original domain.  It all boils down to allowing direct access to the root directory for ease of editing and enable website files to be attached to the domain.  Once the ftp is set-up, its time to choose a template.

Choosing a template:

Template shopping can be a lot of fun.  If you are using WordPress, many of them are free to try.  With a WordPress template you can stay simple or get quite dramatic for a reasonable price (along with a decent graphic artist),   If you prefer an html template, there are many to chose from that offer a clean look, while remaining to the point and a fast load time.  Once the template is chosen, its time to get your content together.


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